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Sleep medicine/dentistry researches and treats sleep patterns and their effect on overall health. 

Apnea literally means 'without breath'. It occurs when there is an interruption to airflow during normal breathing. 


Scan the QR code to the right and download the DROWZLE app for a free sleep assessment. It's a simple FDA approved home sleep app that will detect common sleep disorders and risk factors. Free, with no obligation. 

Tired of being tired? looking for a CPAP alternative? Call us today for your free consultation

to find out if an oral appliance is an option for you. Stop snoring, sleep soundly and

enjoy your life to the fullest. Call today 604-649-7686 .

We accept most major medical and dental insurance plans

Taking care of your health by taking care of your sleep

With sleep problems relationship troubles increase
for 3 of 5 couples
Sleep problems increase
chance of a car crash by 
Sleep problems
increase heart risk by

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