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At home sleep assessment

Download the DROWZLE app using the QR code to the right and do an at home sleep assessment at home, in your own bed. It's free, non invasive (no wires or leads)  and it's easy for everyone of any age.

DROWZLE is an easy-to-us software program that records and analyzes sleep breathing patterns, so that you can become aware of your risk for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and get motivated to seek medical care if needed.

When you use DROWZLE, both you and your healthcare provider receive a copy of your personalized report. Together you can decide next steps .

You can also use DROWZLE to follow your progress over time and track your journey to better sleep.!


Simple questionnaires are often used as the first step in assessing sleep disorders. They include basic questions about sleep patterns and habits to identify behaviors, signs and symptoms of sleep disorders that may be affecting your quality of life. 

To view a sample questionnaire click the links below STOP-Bang Questionaire or 

Oral Behaviour Checklist  .

Dentist or Physician referral 

Talk to your Dentist or Physician and ask them to  download the referral form here or better yet, bring the form to your appointment. 


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